About Star Performance Hitch

Star Performance Hitch is proud to provide its hitches to hard-working men and women just like you!

Star Performance Hitches:

  • Lengthen the life of your trailer and vehicle
  • Make the smoothest possible ride for your cargo
  • Reduce stress and fatigue at the hitch joint.
  • Absorb bounces and jerks due to road travel
  • Are engineered with safety in mind
The idea for the Star Performance Hitch originated when the inventor of the hitch pulled a trailer from eastern South Dakota to Wyoming and back again. The trailer jerked, pushed, pulled, and beat them up the whole trip. “Like to have thrown my wife off the front seat,” was his comment and he said, “there has to be a better way!”

The rough ride showed the need for a better hitch, but it was a glider rocker back home in the living room that gave the inspiration for how to create it. Two neighboring farm raised boys, Jeremy and Justin Handel, took the inventor’s concept and cardboard model and built the first working prototype in their on farm shop. The working prototype they built led to the development of the Star Performance Hitch products of today.
Star Performance 10A
Cushion Coupler

What makes the Star Performance Hitch work is an internal swing arm assembly that uses the opposing forces of gravity. The double arm assembly swings up and down like a pendulum with the force of motion. The pin weight of the trailer re-centers to the bottom the same way your body weight takes you to the bottom of the glider rocking chair.

If you are pulling a 20,000 pound load that has a 5,000 pin weight (down force at the hitch point) there is a point climbing the hill where 5,000 pounds down is a greater force than 20,000 going up. The law of gravity is what makes the hitch work.

The Star Performance Hitch is in a product class called cushion couplers with air ride, rubber bumper, springs, shock absorbers, etc. The Star Performance Hitch in truth doesn’t “cushion” the road shock, but uses gravity to eliminate it. The hitch creates a two-directional motion that eliminates the shock and stress on the towing vehicle, the trailer and the cargo. The absence of air lines, compressors, springs, shock absorbers, etc. makes the Star Performance Hitch almost totally maintenance free. We use four hardened steel pins inside of four hardened still caps. With the hardened steel and occasional lubrication, you get minimal wear factor, not unlike the wear on your 2 5/16” ball.

The Star Performance Hitch Series' unique and patented design incorporates everything you could dream of into the ultimate hitch.  Because of this unique design, Star Performance Hitches isolate, absorb, and dissipate excess vibrations, jerks, and bounces, protecting your precious load!  This in turn puts a much lower demand on the structure of your trailer and vehicle, extending the life and reducing maintenance costs!  To find more information about how this innovative hitch can help you, choose an application that meets your needs on the tabs above.